Prepping Your Home to be SOLD!

Check out our top tips for preparing your home to sell quickly!

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They say that the best your home ever looked is the day you listed it for sale.

WE couldn’t agree more. Your home should appear as close to a showroom as possible. To get the absolute highest amount and to make your home more marketable follow these tips:


Declutter - Remove as much “stuff as possible” you want the home to appear large, not cramped and with as much storage as possible. So gather your boxes and remove the tchotchkes and personal items. We are going for the “simplistic look.”

Repair and Repaint - Now that you have boxed up some items, it’s time to fill those holes in the wall and make sure that the paint is crisp and clean. If you have dark, bold colors you are going to want to paint to a neutral, light color. If you already have a nice neutral light color, you will want to make sure it is clean! If there are just some marks, grab some 409 and clean it up. If there are items in your home that are in need of repair, the time to fix them is now!


Cleaning - Speaking of cleaning, here are some of the most important items to clean:

  • Appliances -stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave ( inside and out, to be free of fingerprints and spills). BASEBOARDS - If they don’t come dust free repaint them.
  • Light switches- if the grunge can’t be removed by scrubbing, it's time to replace them.
  • Fan blades- Clean up those fans (For pictures that fans can not be on and we don’t want to see those dust bunnies)
  • AC Vents - unscrew them and soak them back to white. While you are at it please be sure to remove the dust (if any) from the ceiling around the vent
  • Change your AC filter- Make sure that these are changed every month to help prevent dust around the vents.
  • Bathroom grout and caulking around tubs, make sure that they are mildew free and give them a good clean.
  • Doors- around the knobs where people typically hold or close doors, wipe clean.

**These are just some additionals that should be done on top of your normal cleaning routine**


Curb appeal - The first thing anyone sees when pulling up to your home. Get those trees trimmed up nice, flower beds mulched, and new plants planted (if necessary). Pressure wash the driveway, sideways, fences and house (if necessary). 

Now after all this is done, please be sure to keep the house clean! We want people to doubt that anyone is actually living in the home. A clean home means a well maintained home. Which is value in the buyers eyes.